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Teach numerical value, place value, equivalent value, and rounding. The set includes 100 cubes, 10 rods, 10 flats, 1 cube. The colors of the set are the same as the colors of the

magnetic base, Set of 10


👉🏼 Features:

️ Color coded for learning; these plastic base ten counting blocks include 100 yellow units, 10 green rods, 10 blue flats and 1 red cube. Practice decimals, place value, counting, operations and more.

️ Hands-On Learning; these math cubes allow students to create visual representations of arithmetic and algebra exercises using the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands cubes.

️ Help kids achieve math standards; this base ten set can help kids understand grade-appropriate math material such as place value, decimals, length and volume.

️ Built to last, made from durable plastic, these decimal base ten blocks can withstand numerous drops and years of use. They're also easily washable.

️ Perfect for home/school use; a staple learning resource for classrooms, this set of counting blocks is small enough to be used at home. Keep a set with your teaching or homeschooling supplies!

️ Learning through play; our products inspire children to play with purpose. Play is the best teacher! Our high-quality, educational resources fulfill learning needs from 18 months to 12 years.


Plastic Base, Set of 10 ชุดจำนวนนับ 4 สี ฝึกทักษะคณิตศาสตร์

  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 cm

    Recommended Age: 6 Years+

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